Kings Youth Baseball & Softball

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Kings Youth Baseball is a multi-year program designed for players ages 5-18.  Players are assigned to teams based on their age level as of May 1st.

One question that parents ask each year is...can my child play both Lacrosse and Baseball?  The answer is 'Yes'...but there is overlap between the Lacrosse and Baseball seasons.  Which means that as a parent you will have a few weeks where you will need to shuttle your child between practices and games for both teams.  

Teams play at one of 11 possible age levels:

  • U6 (Tee Ball) is our entry level program and is designed for players who are 5 or 6 years old. The program is designed for players to play two years of tee ball before moving on to coach pitch.
  • U7 (Coach Pitch) is our coach pitch program and is designed for players who are 7 years old
  • U8 is for players who are 8 yrs old
  • U9 is for players who are 9 yrs old
  • U10 is for players who are 10 yrs old
  • U11 is for players who are 11 yrs old
  • U12 is for players who are 12 yrs old
  • U13 is for players who are 13 yrs old
  • U14 is for players who are 14 yrs old
  • U15 is for players who are 15 yrs old
  • U18 is for players who are 16, 17, or 18 years of age


  • Teams usually consist of 10-13 players per team.
  • Practices for U8 and older teams generally start in mid-March depending on the weather and the season runs from mid-April through the end of June. 
  • Practices for the U6 & U7 teams generally start in early April and the season runs from late April through late June.  
  • All home games are played at Landen Park.
  • Games can be scheduled on a week night and on weekends. 
  • Rainouts can be re-scheduled for any day of the week*