Kings Youth Baseball & Softball

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Common Questions about Kings Youth Baseball 

How do you form teams?

All players from the previous year stay on their existing team, unless parents request that they be removed from a given team.  

New players, and those requesting to leave their team, are placed in a draft.  Coaches then select players from this draft to fill out their teams. After our draft takes place, the coach will contact parents to notify them of their child's placement on their team.  

What is the difference between Kings Youth Baseball and Little League?
One difference is how teams are formed.  Kings Youth Baseball is primarily composed of kids from the Kings school district.  Little League may include kids from the surrounding areas. 

Little League will host evaluations with kids of all ages to place kids on teams.  Team rosters often change every year or every other year depending upon the age group. 

After that fundamental difference, there are differences in the "rules of play" depending upon the age of the child.  An overview is as follows:

5 & 6 Years Old (T-Ball)
Basically it's the same, kids hit off a tee and learn the game of baseball.  With Kings Youth Baseball we don't have standings and winners and losers, we just play for fun.  All games and practices are held at Landen park, limiting travel for parents.

7 & 8 Years Old (Coach-pitch)
Both leagues make a transition into coach pitch from T-ball.  However, at Kings Youth Baseball we do allow some pitching by the kids within this age group, Little League is all coach pitch. 

9 & 10 Years Old (All kid pitch)
Again, both Little League and Kings Youth Baseball are similar in these age groups.  In our athletic division (Rec vs Athletic) kids are allowed to lead off and steal.  Our rec divisions do not lead off, and play very similar rules to Little League. 

11 & 12 Years Old
At this point all of the Kings Youth Baseball teams are leading off and stealing, and at longer basepaths and pitching distances than Little League.  For example, at 11 years old they'll pitch from 48 feet and bases will be at 70 feet, compared to Little League's 45 feet pitching and 60 feet basepaths.  At 12 years old there is an even bigger difference, Knothole goes to 54 feet pitching and 80 feet basepaths while Little League stays the same.

There are many opinions on whats better, however, its our belief that Little League ends up to be more of a pitcher's dominated situation.  An effective 12 year old pitching from 45 feet can be very difficult to hit.  Knothole baseball, with its longer pitching distances and basepaths fundamentally favors the hitter and placing more kids on base. 

13 Years Old & Older
Little League ends at 12 years old, while Knothole provides opportunities to play baseball thru age 17

How does Kings Youth Baseball and/or District 34 Knothole determine whether a teams plays in the Rec vs Athletic divisions?

Knothole Baseball offers two primary levels of competition; Rec and Athletic.  A team is slotted in the athletic division based on one of two criteria; overall won/loss record from previous year or head coaches's request to play in the athletic division. 

Over the past decade the number of spring sports choices has exploded.  Sports such as Lacrosse, select soccer, select baseball, have all grown in size.  In the older divisions of Knothole baseball the number of teams at a given age level may only support one division.    

Athlectic Division teams are those most competitive teams in Knothole, often featuring better pitching and hitting.  The Athletic division teams who finish in 1st or 2nd Place in their division advance to the Greater Cincinnati Knothole World Series (City Championship), which includes all Knothole teams from across the greater Cincinnati area.

Recreational Division teams are less competative than athlectic division teams.  Often the focus for Rec teams is to focus on skill improvement and knowledge of the game.